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Portugal's beauty has inspired a lovely lady who shares from her heart some verses, celebrating the Portuguese experience.

Enjoy her poetry here

About Us

We are.....our Passion.....

We are two Canadians with a passion for travel which has led us through exciting journeys around some fascinating parts of the world. As we journeyed through some of the most memorable adventures, we found that regardless of how basic or how luxurious our holiday, the quality of information and service was lacking in the same key areas. Many of our questions were not answered. This led to several days spent orienting ourselves in each new destination.

Our oodles of "Lessons Learned" over years of travel, combined with our own very demanding standards, have flourished into our theme for Simply Lagos


We simplify your holiday experience by sharing our favourites and answering some of those frequently asked questions.

Our theme.....

Experience our favourites......

How can I engage in a truly authentic experience.....?
What have frequent visitors adopted as their "favourite things to do".....?
How can I find out about the little hidden secrets.....?

See what it's like.....

What it's really like there.....?
Will I be in the middle of a city.....?
Will I be in a remote location.....?
What are the restaurants like.....?
What is there to do.....?
How will I get around.....?
Is there anything within walking distance.....?

Find you're way here.....

How do I find my way around this new place.....?
These maps don't make sense to me......?
I can't see any visible street signs.....?
I can't get clear directions from anyone......?
I find it difficult to follow these maps?

Our goal.....

Our goal is to entice you to visit Lagos
This tiny jewel in the Algarve
To invite you to come and to feel the warmth and charm of Lagos
And to share with you our favourite experiences
To help you to visualize your destination
To simplify your visit
So that you can soak in the real highlights
And enjoy a truly rewarding experience
Where you can create for yourself a memory that will last forever
A holiday journey that keeps you coming back for more!!!!!

We are current.....

Traveling regularly to Lagos, provides us with the opportunity to keep the information on our site fresh and interesting for our visitors.


We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site and to Lagos, as much as we have enjoyed creating . It is our pleasure to share this with you!

Ken and Marie MacDonald

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