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Portugal's beauty has inspired a lovely lady who shares from her heart some verses, celebrating the Portuguese experience.

Enjoy her poetry here

Portugal, a land of beauty,
A land of tranquility.
It's azure skies,
It's blue seas.
An invitation to stay,
For many a day.

A drive by the grape vines,
Or a wander by the olive groves.
Will delight one,
While you take in the sun.
A cruise on the river Tagus,
While swooning to the mellow Fados.

In spring almond blossoms deck the land.
A sight so very grand!
The gardens ablaze with colour,
While fragrance fills the air.
Enjoy a lunch of sardines,
And sip on their best wines.

A leisurely stroll on the beach,
All within reach.
As you meander down the countryside,
The expanse of beauty opened wide!
Portugal welcomes you,
For a visit unique and new.

Marie and Delizia de Sousa, 2003

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