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Portugal's beauty has inspired a lovely lady who shares from her heart some verses, celebrating the Portuguese experience.

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Pronunciation Tips
Lifesaving Words
Common Questions
Foods - Shopping & Dining
Fish - Multitude of Them
Fruits & Veggies


Back to the TopSurviving in Portuguese

Many of the staff in the supermarkets, handicraft shops and tourist attractions speak English, a second language of study for many Portuguese students. You will need some Portuguese and good pointing skills at many of the smaller local vendors and in rural areas. We recommend taking a dictionary and trying out some basic Portuguese, for a rich and rewarding experience which will put a smile on everyone's face (including your own). We have made an effort to improve our Portuguese language skills over the years and this has enriched our experiences in this great country. Mind you, we still have a long way to go to be fluent.


Back to the TopPronunciation Tips

Try out these simple tips to help you tune your ear to this wonderful language.

Letter "s": Pronounced "ish"

Letter "x": Pronounced "ish"

Letters "ão": Pronounced "ow" or "cow" or "wow" or "now"

Letters "nhã": Pronounced "nya"

Letters "lha": Pronounced "lya"


Back to the TopLifesaving Words

You will find these words to be truly lifesaving in reading the signage on businesses, at various attractions and in local establishments. Familiarize yourself with these words to maximize your ability to enjoy the Portuguese experience. Our favourite ways to enjoy a culture are through the language, food, refreshments and music.

Airplane: Avião

Airport: Aeroporto

Arrivals: Chegadas

Baggage: Bagagem

Bank: Banco

Bathroom: Casa de banho

Bathroom - Gentlemen: Senhores or Homens

Bathroom - Ladies: Senhoras

Bicycle: Bicicleta

Beach: Praia

Boat: Barco

Bus: Autocarro

Closed: Fechado

Departures: Partidas

Friend: Amigo

Good Afternoon: Boa tarde

Good Bye: Adeus

Good Morning: Bom dia

Good Night: Boa noite

Hello: Olá

No: Não

Opened: Aberto

Please: Se faz favor

Pool: Piscina

Sand: Areia

Signature: Assinatura

Restaurant: Restaurante

Telephone: Telefone

Thank you: Obrigado (if you are a male); Obrigada (if you are a woman)

Tomorrow: Amanhã

Town Centro: Centro de cidade

Train: Comboio

Tree: Árvore

Year: Ano

Yes: Sim


Back to the TopCommon Questions

Practice these common questions to assist you with come basic conversation as you "get around".

I don't speak Portuguese: Não falo Português

I don't understand: Não compreendo

Where is.....?: Onde é.......?

When.....?: Quando.....?

How much does it cost?: Quanto custa?

Do  you have a room available?: Tem um quarto disponível?


Back to the TopFoods - Shopping & Dining

As you navigate your way around the isles in the supermarkets or as you ponder your next meal at a local restaurant, getting to know these words will maximize your chances of a successful meal. Most restaurants in Lagos will have multilingual menus to cater to the multitude of visiting foreigners.

Bag: Saco

Beer: Cerveja

Bread: Pão

Butter: Manteiga

Cake: Bolo

Cheese: Queijo

Chicken: Frango

Eggs: Ovos

Fish: Peixe

Food: Alimentos

Jam: Compota

Meat: Carne

Milk: Leite

Olive Oil: Azeite

Pepper: Pimenta

Salt: Sal

Sausages: Salsichas

Shopping Cart: Carro de compras

Sugar: Açúcar

Water: Água

Water Non-carbonated: Água sem gas

Water Carbonated: Água com gas

Wine: Vinho


Back to the TopFish - Multitude of Them

The multitude of fresh fish available at the local fish markets, supermarkets and restaurants are all worth a try. Fish are seasonal, so ask whether the fish you are selecting is fresh or frozen. This list of fish should assist you from being overwhelmed with the selection and is listed in Portuguese first. If you have a super keen interest in fish, see the two links below for further detail and multiple languages.

Ameijoas: Clams

Besugo: Sea Bream

Camarão / Camarões: Shrimp / Shrimps

Caranguejo: Crab

Carapau: Horse Mackeral

Cavalas: Mackeral

Cherna: Grouper

Choco: Cuttlefish

Corvina: Witting/King of the Sea

Dourada: Gold Bream

Espadarte: Swordfish

Peixe Espada: Scabbard Fish

Lagosta: Lobster

Linguado: Sole

Mexilhões: Mussels

Pargo: Red Snapper

Robalo: Bbass, sea bass

Salmonete: Red Mullet

Sardinhas: Sardines

Sargo: Silver Bream

Fish in the European Community - In multiple languages

More Fish - A - Z



Back to the TopFruits & Veggies

When you are wandering around an outdoor market bargaining with the vendors or selecting from the supermarket shelves, let's make sure that you end up with the fruits and vegetables you desire.

Apples: Maçãs

Bananas: Bananas

Carrots: Cenouras

Cauliflower: Couve-flor

Cherries: Cerejas

Green Beans: Feijões-verdes

Grapes: Uvas

Lemons: Limões

Lettuce: Alface

Onions: Cebolas

Oranges: Laranjas

Pears: Pêras

Peas: Ervilha

Peppers: Pimentas

Pineapple: Ananás

Potatoes: Batatas

Pumpkin: Abóbora

Strawberries: Morangos

Tomatoes: Tomates

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