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Walking Tours in Lagos

Praia Dona Ana

Praia Dona Ana has become one of our favourite beaches and this walk offers some unique highlights with its endless protected coves where you can feast your eyes on the countless natural cliff formations. Although the local fisherman have charming stories to describe these rocky outcrops, you can let you imagination run wild as you gaze at them from the cliff tops or while lying on the beach. You'll be in for a good workout as you make your way down the multitude of stairs to get a beach level perspective. Fishermen are most anxious to take you on a worthwhile tour in and around the grottos.

Surrounded by these striking cliffs and grottos, the beauty of Praia Dona Ana will have you coming back later in the day with towels, umbrellas and sunscreen in hand!

You can extend this short walk by taking the road to Ponte de Piedade. From the beach, simply walk back up the road to the T-intersection and go left. This paved road will take you to the lighthouse that graces Ponte de Piedade flanked by two lean wind blown palm trees. For more of an adventure, take the dirt paths on the left side of the road towards the cliffs for some spectacular views of the rock formations, the town of Lagos and Meia Praia (beach) in the distance.

You will discover tiny little beach coves with stairs taking you down to ocean level. Note that there are a few homes along the way with expressive guard dogs. Stay clear of them!

At Ponte de Piedade you can take additional dirt paths to the right of the light house for additional cliff views, where you will spot local fisherman at play.

This walk extension should add another 30-40 minutes to your Praia Dona walk, depending on how far you chose to go.

Another caution please: Avoid getting too close to the eroding cliffs.

: We have created some great maps to assist you with navigating to and around your walking tour. Choose your preferred route and closely follow the highlighted area for Walking Tour 2, to make the most of your walk.

: Get a printable map for this walking tour here.

Walking Tour time from Dona Ana (DA) Apartment: 10-60 min.
Walking Tour time from Apartment at Vilabranca (VB): 30-70 min.

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